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Psychological Game Testing for Groups

Personality Gamified Group Testing (PGGT) is a new approach to psychological and personality profiling. PGGT uses our proprietary multi-user games to provide psychological profiling under simulated stress conditions. PGGT will revolutionize HR management by enabling companies to hire the best-fit employees and form the most efficient project teams.

Team Talk
Ehsan Ramezani PGGT owner and CEO



Assesses the strengths, weaknesses, and compatibility of working groups and how they work together under stressful working conditions and real-life scenarios


Simulates the pressure of time, responsibility, noise, and time constraints with customizations to match your specific work conditions for optimal testing


Provides real-time updates on the state of the candidate under high-pressure situations

Our software solution includes:

psychological tests
Group testing through
multi-user games
Personality, skill ability, and transition under time constraints, threats, noises, and more

Compare the efficiency of different groups
to find the best working group
for projects
Measure an individual team member’s compatibility as well as performance in real-time as the game progresses
PGGT advanced reporting

Assess team members’ psychology with real-time results that update as the game is played. PGGT takes psychological testing to the next level. Our testing is not just "tell me what you think" but "show me how you act." Our subscription service provides game-play testing for all your HR needs.

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